About ONE.NET The ONE.NET, the One Nation Network, project was initiated by Rev. Fr. Michael Chua, our Ecclesiastical Assistant, at the end of 2008, on his return from the United States at the conclusion of the Fulbright Interfaith Community Action Programme. ONE.NET also resonates with the dream and vision of our Hon. Prime Minister, Dato' Sri Najib Razak, to create 1Malaysia, a united multi-cultural and multi-religious Malaysia which is based on common universal values.

ONE.NET seeks to create an alliance of individuals and organizations who are already involved or are planning to be involved in interreligious and diversity projects. This is a clear challenge to the Catholic Church in Malaysia to go beyond its boundaries in initiating interfaith and inter-ethnic projects which will promote cross-cultural understanding and respect. It is hoped that ONE.NET will be a platform to discuss and identify common concerns and develop specific action steps and initiatives. One of its main objectives would be to develop and run programmes to foster religious tolerance and respect for pluralism.

ONE.NET is not...
  • A new organization
  • A new ideology
  • A regulatory body

ONE.NET is...
  • A network of existing organizations and interested individual
  • A pool of resources
  • Access to expert consultancy on diversity issues and dialogue
  • Mutual enablement and support

Mission of ONE.NET
ONE.NET - One Nation Network - will be an advocacy, training, research and consultancy network which journeys with Malaysian individuals and organizations of various religions, ethnicities and cultures towards the realization of a truly diverse and inclusive Malaysia.

ONE.NET will seek to be at the forefront of interreligious and intercultural interactions by endeavouring to provide advocacy, training and consultancy services at the most practical levels whilst also engaging cutting edge ideas at the level of academic scholarship.

If you wish to become a friend and partner or wish to learn more about ONE.NET. do contact us.

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